A graduate of Otago Polytechnic’s renowned fashion degree programme, Jojo Ross has been known previously for her complex, sci-fi inspired one-off garments. These have seen her work featured as Vogue Italia’s 100 designers to watch in their September issue of 2012 and in 2014 had her flown to Vicenza, Italy where she was selected from a pool of 17000 to be one of the 100 designers from Not Just A Label (NJAL) to showcase their work as part of the Origin Passion & Beliefs exhibition. She has also shown her work at New Zealand Fashion week and has been featured in numerous international publications.

Aptly titled "A Brave New World", Jojo Ross’s first foray into ready-to-wear is set to release this autumn. Inspired by the rapid technological advancements of Virtual Reality“A Brave New World” looks to the future where living in a multi layered world of real and simulated is set to become reality.

This collision of past and future weaves throughout the range. Classic grey and white suiting’s augment from familiar to foreign with graphic PVC dashes while The data top in a textured black and white knit exudes a static hum.

Metallic silver - a futuristic must have – certainly features but is softened with subtle touches of light pink. It is however allowed a time to shine in the collection’s most coveted design, the highly sculptural “Digital Love” jacket.

Closures are key in the range and inform the design as much as fabric selection. Exposed, chunky zips with custom pulls and domes feature throughout to complete the digital look.

While to some this may sound slightly polarising a dream-like quality is present alongside the industrial finishings and futuristic silhouettes, a unique look Ross describes as “future, ethereal, minimal”.